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Thank you Harrisonburg & Rockingham County!

Through your generosity, $536,300 was raised on 4-17-19 from 3,903 donors supporting 89 nonprofit organizations in our community! In addition, $73,500 in prize money for participating nonprofits was provided by local sponsors.

To see results visit www.greatcommunitygive.org

Grants by Program Area – Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2018

Animal Related: $22,150
Arts: $163,410
Civic $174,042
Education: $1,114,531
Environmental Initiatives: $47,862
NPO Distributions*: $852,988
Faith Based: $1,176,367
Historical Preservation: $42,809
Healthcare: $255,195
Human Services: $647,590
Recreation: $52,107
*Distributions from Endowments & Capital Campaigns/Fundraising Funds Managed by TCFHR.
Note that the grants awarded referenced do not include $567,342 in interfund grants which are eliminated from TCFHR financial statements in consolidation.

Dream. Share. Build. OUR COMMUNITY.
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