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Agency Endowed Funds

Agency endowed funds enable nonprofit organizations to move their endowed funds to The Community Foundation of Harrisonburg & Rockingham County. Organizations can gain greater diversification of investments than they could independently while minimizing administrative burdens and expenses. The length of time these funds are to be held at TCFHR is at the discretion of the agency.

  • The Alvin Baird Endowed Fund (for the benefit of H-R Free Clinic)
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters Endowment Fund
  • Blue Ridge Area Food Bank Endowment
  • Blue Ridge Legal Services Endowment
  • Central Valley Habitat for Humanity Endowment
  • Dayton Church of the Brethren Legacy Fund
  • Dayton United Methodist Church Trustees Emergency Fund
  • Dayton United Methodist Women Endowed Fund
  • Dr. Dwight H. Shull Memorial Endowment (for the benefit of MRL – North River Library branch)
  • Explore More Discovery Museum Endowment
  • Fort Harrison Endowed Fund
  • The Free Clinic Endowment Fund
  • Friendship Industries Endowment Fund
  • Harrisonburg-Rockingham History Endowment
  • HEF – Sherry Burcham Anderson Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • HEF – Class of 1964 Endowed Fund
  • HEF – Robert T. Bosserman, Jr. Science Award
  • HEF – Jordan Garber Memorial Scholarship
  • HEF – Haas Scholarship
  • HEF – Gregory S. Kuykendall Memorial Scholarship Endowment
  • HEF – Forrest & Lois Palmer Award Fund
  • HEF – Glen K Shomo III Virginia Tech Engineering Scholarship
  • HEF – SunTrust Bank Innovative Teachers Grant Fund
  • MRL – George S. Aldhizer, II Capital Fund
  • MRL – Otto & Edna Frederickson Book Fund
  • MRL – John Heatwole Audio-Book Fund
  • MRL – Honored Teachers Fund
  • MRL – Dorris M. Wampler Children’s Book Fund
  • Otterbein United Methodist Church Endowment
  • SVEE Agency Endowment
  • United Way Endowment
  • Virginia Quilt Museum Endowment
  • Zachary Industrial Endowed Fund of the United Way of Front Royal-Warren County

Agency Funds

Harrisonburg Downtown Renaissance

Harrisonburg Downtown Renaissance

Agency funds enable nonprofit organizations to establish funds for their benefit within The Community Foundation of Harrisonburg & Rockingham County. Funds are available on an as-needed basis per the recommendations of the organizations’ boards. The length of time these funds are held at TCFHR is at the discretion of the agency.

  • American Legion Post 278 Charitable Fund
  • The Arc Agency Fund
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters Agency Fund
  • Boys & Girls Club of Harrisonburg & Rockingham County Agency Fund
  • Explore More Discovery Museum Agency Fund
  • Friends of North River Library Agency Fund
  • Friendship Industries Fund
  • Harmonia Sacra Society Fund
  • Harrisonburg Downtown Renaissance Fund
  • HPF – Information Technology Fund
  • HPF – Range Improvements Fund
  • HPF – SWAT Equipment Fund
  • Harrisonburg Rotary Code of Ethics Award
  • Harrisonburg Rotary Local Fund
  • Harrisonburg Rotary Community Service Fund
  • Harrisonburg Rotary Scholarships
  • NewBridges Legal Fund
  • Spotswood Garden Fund
  • United Way Reserve Fund
  • United Way Community Care Fund
  • Valley Conservation Fund
  • Virginia Quilt Museum Agency Fund

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