At The Community Foundation of Harrisonburg & Rockingham County, we make it easy to give back to the community we all love through comprehensive and trusted charitable giving. We partner with donors, professional advisors and nonprofits to fund local needs through community endowments and support to charities. By expertly managing these funds in-house or with local financial advisors, we’re able to power the arts, faith-based initiatives, environmental grants, human services, domestic and wildlife animal organizations and educational initiatives that help to strengthen our community and make it a vibrant place to live and work. 


Harrisonburg and Rockingham County is a place where its people and the greater community prosper generation after generation.


We make it easy to give back to the community we love.


  • Exceptional Service – We nurture lifelong relationships with our clients that span for generations.
  • Trustworthiness – We preserve donor intent and hold ourselves accountable to those who place their trust in us.
  • Leadership – We lead and collaborate with others to build a better community.
  • Passion – We inspire passion by guiding a donor’s philanthropic journey and encourage charitable giving throughout our community.

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