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Making the Ask

February 10, 12:30PM

One of the most uncomfortable parts of fundraising is asking for money. Join Kelly Medwick, Firespring’s chief business development officer, to learn how to overcome the challenges of asking for fundraising dollars.

In this session, we’ll cover why it’s difficult to ask, common mistakes and assumptions made during the process and how to turn this around with 6 simple action steps.

Kelly will help you overcome barriers and show how you can fully understand the power of your network. You’ll leave this webinar with for-profit strategies to make your next ‘ask’ a walk in the park.

Discover how to:

  • Identify an opportunity through research and collaboration.
  • Illustrate your supporter’s impact to secure an initial meeting.
  • Share how potential donors can play a role in your important work.
  • Resolve concerns and move to close.


Measuring Success: How to Strategically Assess Your Volunteer Strategy

February 10, 2:00PM

Your volunteer engagement program can be measured by more than just the hours a volunteer gives your organization. What other kinds of information should you keep track of, and how do you know if you’re doing a good job with your volunteer engagement program? This webinar will help you think through both the quantitative and qualitative information you can use to evaluate your program.

  • What are the criteria for success for your volunteer program?
  • How can you work with others to create a culture of measurement for volunteer engagement?


New year, new Seals! Boost your fundraising by earning a 2021 Seal of Transparency

February 10, 2:00PM

Boost your nonprofit’s online presence this year! Join Candid’s webinar to learn how to simply and easily prepare for a year of success by earning a 2021 Seal of Transparency.

You have the power to choose what tens of millions of potential donors see about your organization. Update your nonprofit profile to earn a 2021 Seal and give funders and donors the information they need to support your cause.

Webinar participants will learn:

  • The key information funders look for on nonprofit profiles
  • What each Seal level signifies to funders and individual donors
  • How to earn a 2021 Seal of Transparency
  • How your organization’s information can be shared with to 200+ charitable sites, including AmazonSmile, Facebook, and Network for Good


Google Ad Grants 101 – Grow Your Nonprofit’s Online Presence With $10K/Month In Free Ads

February 10, 3:00PM

Nonprofits! Would you benefit from boosting your online awareness, raising more money, or getting more event attendees? You can achieve all that and more through the Google Ad Grant: a program that gives nonprofits $10,000 PER month in free advertising. Yes, you read that right.

What You Will Learn from this Free Nonprofit Webinar:

  • What is the Google Ad Grant?
  • How do Google Ads work?
  • Why is Google Grants an essential nonprofit marketing tool?
  • Case studies: How other nonprofit organizations have benefited
  • Step-by-step instructions of the application process.
  • What is required to succeed with Google Grants?
  • Details regarding a management service to save you time and provide better results.

Nonprofits both big and small have a lot to gain – don’t leave free money on the table! There are 5.6 billion searches carried out on Google everyday and donors, volunteers, and supporters are among them. Could you benefit from being listed at the top of the search results?




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