The Community Foundation announces the Valley Arts & Culture Fund Grant

The Virginia Quilt Museum was selected as the 2016 grant recipient of the Valley Arts & Culture Fund, a permanent endowed fund at The Community Foundation of Harrisonburg & Rockingham County. Funds will be directed for the museum’s exhibit construction project. The museum plans to construct two permanent exhibits – an Orientation/Welcome Exhibit and a Warren-Sipe House History Exhibit.

Executive Director, Kimberly McCray, explains the need for an Orientation/Welcome Exhibit as essential, “because about half of our Museum’s visitors are not quilters and about 95% of our visitors go through the Museum and its exhibits by way of a self-guided tour. Without a tour guide to provide an introduction of the basics of quilt history, techniques, and culture, patrons cannot possibly understand or appreciate our exhibits fully without the context of an introductory exhibit.”

McCray describes the importance of a Warren-Sipe House History exhibit, “as one of the few remaining antebellum structures in downtown Harrisonburg, our building’s rich history and architecture deserves telling…… we hope to encourage an interest in the building that will lead to monetary contributions for maintaining and preserving the structure, which is a constant financial challenge for the Museum.”

Six community nonprofit organizations applied for the Valley Arts & Culture grant this year, each with projects worthy of consideration. The grant is awarded on an annual basis to a local nonprofit organization through the Community Needs grant application process.

The Valley Arts and Culture Fund provides program, project and seed funds to small and medium sized organizations promoting performing and visual arts and interpreting the culture and traditions of and in the Shenandoah Valley.

The Valley Arts and Culture Fund was established in 2000 by Larry and Pat Hoover.  Anyone may contribute to this permanent fund to provide on-going support for arts and culture in our community.  To learn more contact Ann Siciliano at The Community Foundation of Harrisonburg & Rockingham County at 540-432-3863, or visit