2016 Community Endowment Grant Recipient Announced

The Northeast Neighborhood Association (NENA) was selected as the 2016 grant recipient of the Community Endowment Fund, a permanent endowed fund at The Community Foundation of Harrisonburg & Rockingham County (TCFHR). Over $5,000 will be directed for the NENA Community Garden project.  According to the association’s grant application, the organization seeks start-up costs to create a “shared space where members of the community can sign up to grow vegetables, fruits and flowers.”

Karen Thomas, NENA’s President, explains the start-up costs for the Community Garden project include, “the purchase of tools, seeds, starter plants, and other garden necessities as well as stipends for local gardening experts to give workshops.” This project will specifically serve 25 households and the larger Northeast neighborhood community in general.

As stated on their website, the Northeast Neighborhood Association’s mission is to ensure that our neighborhood is safe, attractive and a strong community. Working hard to reduce crime and improve the appearance of the neighborhood. Partnering with city government, the community and non-governmental agencies to revitalize the Northeast Neighborhood and to address the needs of its residents.

48 community nonprofit organizations applied for the Community Endowment Fund grant this year, all with worthwhile projects designed to benefit our community. The grant is awarded on an annual basis to a local nonprofit organization through the Community Needs grant application process. Grant applications are available twice a year (spring and fall) and a nonprofit organization may apply once per calendar year.

The Community Endowment Fund is a pool of unrestricted endowed funds established for the greatest flexibility and benefit for the local community. This permanent fund helps finance projects of greatest benefit to Harrisonburg and Rockingham County as determined by community leaders. The Community Endowment accepts gifts of any size and is the perfect vehicle for individuals or businesses who simply want to give back to this community without designating a specific need.

The Community Endowment Fund was established in 2008 and its creation was guided by the TCFHR’s underlying vision to structure a permanent fund that would harness the power of many individuals giving together for the benefit of our community. Gifts to this fund receive a 25% match by a local donor. All gifts to the Community Endowment Fund will continue to be matched 25 cents per dollar until the fund balance reaches $100,000.

To learn more about the Community Endowment Fund, or to contribute to this permanent fund, contact the staff at The Community Foundation at 540-432-3863, or visit www.tcfhr.org.