A Surprise for First Step!



In honor of their 25th anniversary, TCFHR announced to nonprofit organizations in the summer that they would award a special $25,000 grant to a selected nonprofit who submitted a Giving Back application by September 1. A committee reviewed 66 worthy applications and selected nine for the full TCFHR Board to consider. The Board then selected the three finalists that would be presented at TCFHR’s anniversary event. It would be at the event where event attendees’ would decide the end result.

On October 5, TCFHR hosted a celebration at Explore More Discovery Museum for their 25 years of service to the Valley. Attendees were integral to the October 5 festivities, as they would determine the nonprofit awardee of a $25,000 grant by an anonymous ballot vote. With a drum roll, TCFHR announced to the group that First Step: A Response to Domestic Violence, Inc. would receive $25,000 towards their project, Emergency Crisis Intervention and Advocacy Services for Survivors of Domestic Violence… Cut to the following week when, SURPRISE! An anonymous donor made that award DOUBLE! We are so grateful to the donor for their generosity! We were delighted to present First Step with a $50,000 award in the end. Congratulations!

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