The Community Foundation of Harrisonburg & Rockingham County Fundraising Funds Policy

A fundraising component fund is a non-permanent fund established at The Community Foundation of Harrisonburg & Rockingham County by a donor, agency or organized fundraising group. It is a short-term fund and often involves a fundraising campaign or event resulting in the collection of numerous gifts.

While The Community Foundation’s primary purpose is to develop and manage permanent endowments for the needs of the community, we may from time to time agree to a fundraising component fund for the betterment of the community.

In addition to the Administration Support Fee Policy, a fundraising component fund is subject to the following administrative fees:

  • Additional administrative fee of up to $2000 (withheld $500 quarterly) from fund.

This can be reexamined if The Community Foundation’s time far exceeds initial anticipated amount. For example, it costs $15 to accept and acknowledge each donation. If this deems to be unfair to the Donor Agency, then further discussion shall be permitted.

  • The Community Foundation of Harrisonburg & Rockingham County encourages Donor Agency to establish a long-term endowment to support the mission and stability of the Donor Agency.
  • Administrative fees for nonprofit agency funds are assessed at 1% per year with a minimum annual fee of $100. Note that fees are charged quarterly based on the prior quarter ending balance.

Find out how we can help your nonprofit organization manage a successful fundraising campaign.

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